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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Fall is just around the corner and we're looking forward to all the great things to come! With hundreds of credit and noncredit sections offered—over 200 of which are in person, there's plenty to choose from to get you on the path to your own personal success. We are especially excited for our incremental return to campus as we are providing more in-person classes in the arts, biotechnology, business, music, theater, and more!

For application dates & deadlines for Fall 2021 view our Fall Academic Calendar.

Students are able to search for one of five locations on Search for Sections:

  • Online – Live Sessions*
  • Online – No Live Sessions**
  • Other Off-Campus
  • Fremont – In Person***
  • Newark – In Person***

*Online LIVE Sessions—The class will meet at a scheduled time and day (synchronous instruction) in an online classroom via Zoom. Students will virtually be in class with their classmates and their instructor where they will be able to ask questions and interact as if they were in a face-to-face classroom. These online sessions will be complemented with course content and activities delivered through Canvas. Rooms for these classes are listed as Zoom in WebAdvisor.

**Online NO LIVE Sessions—This is a fully online class entirely conducted on the web (asynchronous instruction). There are no live meetings (virtually or via in-person). Course delivery is via a course management system called Canvas. Weekly interaction with course content, the instructor, and classmates is expected. Due dates are set and students are expected to interact multiple times a week in asynchronous activities in Canvas. Rooms for these classes are listed as Canvas in WebAdvisor.

Other Important Information

Hybrid Class: During Fall 2021, a hybrid class may have two online components: one synchronous and the other asynchronous. That means that you will be expected to attend live Zoom sessions on designated days and times, as well as complete additional online work asynchronously. Students should refer to WebAdvisor for class meeting days and times. Make sure to click on the “Section & Book Information” link in WebAdvisor so you don't miss important details regarding the format of your class.

Technology and equipment are available to students in need: We are here to support your learning by offering laptops, WiFi hot spots, or web cameras to assist you. Please complete this form to request assistance:

***The Ohlone College Fall 2021 schedules are being adjusted in order to increase in-person instruction with safety in mind. As we work to design our course offerings to comply with the Alameda County Public Health Department and state COVID-19 guidelines, we ask for your patience. Over the next several months, there will be adjustments to class locations, room assignments, and changes from Zoom (Online-Live) to in-person or vice versa. Please check WebAdvisor for these updates.