student on laptop
Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fremont, Calif., June 25, 2020—Ohlone Community College has revamped their virtual campus so that students can navigate their online learning environment from anywhere. The new eCampus was updated and reconfigured in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to move learning spaces online.

The College pulled together a cross-functional team focused on distance education to create a fresh eCampus webpage to clearly highlight multiple resources that students could utilize in their new remote learning environment to ensure students would be comfortable and familiar with Canvas—Ohlone’s course learning management system.

“We wanted to welcome students and provide information that would support both students and faculty,” says Andrew LaManque Executive Dean of Academic Affairs. “I’m proud of the effort our team of students, faculty, staff, and administrators made to come together for the common purpose of helping our students to be successful in achieving their goals at Ohlone College.”

In addition to updating the website and creating a student-led welcome video, the College also created a series of five LIVE Canvas orientation sessions via Zoom to provide an overview on using the learning management system and to help trouble shoot individual challenges students were facing. Over 600 students signed up and attended the sessions between June 12th and 18th.

“We want to prepare students for success regardless of the teaching modality,” says Academic Dean Ghada Al-Masri. “We’ve been really happy with the amount of traction the site has gotten and that students and faculty are finding it useful—that was the goal.”

The distance education team continues to reassess the needs of students in this new learning environment and is already planning to welcome students to the fall term with expanded online resources and more support services.