Three male students sitting at a table
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Fremont, Calif., April 2—The Ohlone Community College District is pleased to announce that starting the summer/fall 2019 semester, all students attending the College will be able enroll in transfer-level English and math courses their first term.

Ohlone College has re-designed its placement process to help students select their first math and English course. The new self-guided placement system no longer includes a placement test and allows students to start in transfer level English and math courses. The web-based system uses high school grades in English and math, and the students’ high school grade point average to provide placement advice that is most appropriate to a students’ educational pathway at Ohlone College and beyond.

“We are looking forward to the positive impact these new changes will have on our students,” says Dr. Eva Margarita Munguía, Dean of Counseling and Student Success Programs at Ohlone. “With this new system, we will be able to have a better understanding of what our student’s strengths truly are and to be able to create a pathway for their success.”

The following course suggestions are now being made for Ohlone’s math and English students:

The required English sequence now begins ENGL-101A. Students who need more time and extra support from their instructor can take English 101AX in conjunction with a linked English 101A course. Students also have the option to enroll in English 151RW (Introduction to College Reading and Writing) or English 151B (Fundamentals of Composition) and/or English 163 (Techniques of College Reading).

The sequence of MATH courses has changed. For students in science, engineering, math, and business, the new sequence starts at MATH-186 (Precalculus I). For students in the liberal arts, the new sequence starts with MATH-156 (Math for Liberal Arts) or MATH-159 (Statistics).

The new placement system will also help students save time and money. By being placed directly in to a transfer-level course, students will transfer to a four-year institution and/or find a job at a much more efficient rate. For additional information regarding the changes to Ohlone’s orientation and placement process, visit