Nursing Students with Governor Gavin Newsom
Friday, April 16, 2021

Ohlone College’s Nursing superheroes students are at the frontlines in the fight against the pandemic. Since summer 2020, the Ohlone College Nursing Program and students have gone into high gear in support of Alameda County and other local Bay Area health organizations to provide medical support services including COVID-19 testing in East Palo Alto and, most recently, administering vaccines through the Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center (TVHC). Students have also given back to their campus community by partnering with the Ohlone Student Health Center to provide mental health screening via telehealth.

“The students have utilized the skills they’ve learned in the classroom and labs to provide an essential service to our local community at a time of great need,” says Director of the Registered Nursing Program, Carrie Dameron. “As educators, we are proud of being a part of empowering our students to be able to put their knowledge to work. That’s what it’s all about.”

Since February, the students have worked two days a week with the TVHC administering approximately 400 COVID-19 vaccinations a day to the community. On April 15th the students working at the TVHC Union City location had a surprise visit as Governor Gavin Newsom stopped by to observe the center. Praising their efforts, Governor Newsom took time to take a photo with second-year Ohlone Nursing students Amanda Holloway,Ged Aira Garrote, Mayra Villa, Matthew Limjoco, and Jose De Ocampo.

“The partnership with TVHC is a win-win for the community and for Ohlone. Students obtaining nursing skills needed for a global pandemic while contributing to a safer community for all of us,” says Dameron.

In response to the health center’s need to provide more vaccines, a Saturday clinic was implemented after spring break. Currently, there are a total of 37 second-year nursing students providing essential service three days a week. Ohlone’s partnership with the TVHC not only provides essential vaccines but also enables the students to meet required clinical hours so they can continue progress in Nursing Program.

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