Post its with black lives matters
Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dear Ohlone Community,

Following a conversation with some of our faculty and staff at our Peaceful Protests today, it is clear that the decision yesterday by the Kentucky Attorney General not to indict any of the officers responsible for the death of Ms. Breonna Taylor, who was shot while sleeping in her home, has had a deep and profound impact on many in our community, faculty, staff and students alike. It is yet another reminder of how there are those in our society who are valued differently.

As your president I am committed to creating systems of change within our community so that voice matters, equity matters, differences are celebrated and not discouraged. The pain of injustice is a long one and the movement to a just society continues. It is critical that we turn our energy into a direction that makes change in the spaces we can make change and that we commit to that like we never have before.

The first time I walked onto this campus I was greeted with banners that declared “Unity in Diversity.” Now more than ever we must double down on our commitment to making this community welcome, inclusive, diverse, and equitable. These discussions are not easy. These discussions are messy and uncomfortable. But these discussions are necessary for us to achieve being the institution we can be. Please know I hurt along with everyone else at the continued divisiveness and lack of basic humanity we are seeing in our country. But I am equally committed to doing everything within my power to ensure this institution is not a vessel of those behaviors.


Dr. Bishop

Eric B. Bishop, Ed.D.
Ohlone Community College District