person voting
Monday, November 2, 2020

Good afternoon,

Tomorrow’s election day is a historical one. And with it, comes for many in our country and community a sense of stress and anxiety. For some, the rhetoric and tone has not been American or what we expect of our country’s leaders. I have spoken to several people who are anxious, not only about the election itself, but also about the reactions and the aftermath.

I write this email as a way to reiterate the fact that we, as a community of public servants, educators, and thought leaders are strong and that, despite the outcome of our country’s election, should focus on our strength and our unity in diversity. Ohlone College is made up of thoughtful people who care about our society and our community. Our mission is to educate and to help build a foundation of future leaders to better our society and we will continue to do that together regardless of tomorrow’s outcome.

So I ask that you take pause and recognize that this time in our country will pass and we will move forward as we have been doing and will continue to do.

Eric B. Bishop, Ed.D.

Ohlone Community College District