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Friday, May 22, 2020

Fremont, Calif., May 22, 2020—The Ohlone College Foundation has been awarded a one-time $150,000 grant by the Stupski Foundation in support of Ohlone College's efforts to provide emergency microgrants and technology to students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Half of the funds will be used toward cash disbursements to Ohlone students who have financial needs directly resulting from the negative impact of the pandemic and the other $75,000 has been allocated for the purchase of 250 Chromebooks to be provided to students who do not have access to technology and need to continue their academic coursework remotely.

"We are proud to partner with Ohlone College to provide financial support and technology to students. Ohlone College and our other local community college partners are significant drivers of equity and opportunity in the Bay Area,” says Jennifer Nguyen, Stupski Foundation’s Director of Postsecondary Success. “I am excited that Ohlone is working to bridge the digital and basic needs divide for students, particularly during challenging circumstances."

The Ohlone College Foundation’s COVID-19 Emergency Grant is a one-time, $200 award intended to support Ohlone College students— including international students—impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Priority is given to first-generation and undocumented students. The emergency grant application is designed to be simple, without complicated eligibility criteria and excessive documentation requirements in order to avoid undue hardships and roadblocks, particularly to vulnerable student populations.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging students in so many ways, and we knew we needed to provide additional support during these trying times. We’re grateful to the Stupski Foundation for their support.” says Binh Nguyen, Executive Director of the Ohlone College Foundation.

The Ohlone College Foundation’s intent is to encourage students to seek support, particularly those at-risk, disproportionately impacted students. To be eligible, students must be currently enrolled at Ohlone College with five or more units, must complete, sign, and submit the one-page COVID-19 Emergency Grant application, and to provide a brief explanation of the negative impact COVID-19 has had on their lives (e.g. individual and/or family loss of income, job loss/furloughs, food and housing insecurities, lack of technology to succeed in a remote environment).

For more information on the Ohlone College Foundation and how to apply for the COVID-19 Emergency Grant and technology support, visit: