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Friday, May 1, 2020

So you’ve worked hard all year long and decided to keep the momentum going by taking a summer class. You’re ready to go but then the COVID-19 pandemic hits us—the world decides to suddenly stop spinning on its normal axis and forces us all to turn in to home bodies turning our favorite pair of leggings (or sweatpants) in to our daily uniform—and all that we know to be normal isn’t.

Now, everything seems harder, you want to move forward with your plans but you’re still trying to navigate this odd (yet temporary) new way of life. We know it’s hard, because we’re home trying to figure this all out too. But, we’ve got you. Don’t worry! Here’s the deal, the classes you planned to register for are still being offered—they’re just ONLINE ALL SUMMER LONG. You get to save on gas or travel time AND get your plans accomplished! No in-person classes will be held on either campus.

Okay, so now that we have that out of the way, let’s break this down for you a little more so that when you go to WebAdvisor to register for your summer term, you know what’s up.

There are three ways that classes are being offered and here’s how they’re defined:

  1. Online—This is a fully online class entirely conducted on the web. Course delivery follows a traditional classroom model where the instructor/student interaction is now fully managed via a course management system (Canvas) in place of the classroom (in-person). Due dates are set and students are expected to log into their course multiple times a week.
  2. Online via ConferZoom—The class will meet at a scheduled time and day in an online classroom via ConferZoom. Students will virtually be in class with their classmates and their live instructor where they will be able to ask questions and interact in real time as if they were in a normal classroom. These real-time online sessions will be complemented with course content and activities delivered through Canvas. **NOTE In WebAdvisor, if you see a class is being held on the Fremont Campus or at Newark Center, please DISREGARD—this is a technical issue and cannot be changed at the moment. However, they will be conducted online on the same days and times as listed.
  3. Hybrid class for summer—A class that has both online and Online via ConferZoom formats.

So when you go to WebAdvisor remember these key points:

  • You can take classes for a set day/time via CONFERZOOM ONLINE with a LIVE faculty member and other classmates in a virtual classroom.

And, on a final note, a decision on whether in-person classes will resume in the fall has yet to be determined and depends on local, state, and federal guidance. When we know, you’ll definitely be the first we let know! In the meantime, please continue to check our website for more information. Thanks for being an Ohlone Renegade, for pushing through, and for thriving despite these crazy and challenging times! Oh, and by the way, all of our services are online and our staff is here to help if you need any more help figuring this out. Check out all of our live support contact info here: