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ASOC Student Government


About ASOC

The Associated Students of Ohlone College (ASOC) helps to ensure that students receive the best possible experience while studying at Ohlone College. The ASOC's role is to act as a liaison between the college administration and the student body; and to serve as a forum to express student opinions or concerns. 

ASOC has funded many programs and events such as: Newark Campus "ASOC" Recreation Room, Freshman Days, Transfer Day, Science & Math Seminar Series, Communication Colloquium Series, and much more.

ASOC Student Gov't Executive Officers

Kenneth Bui photo
Kenneth Bui
President 2021-22
Get to know me (YT Video)

Haru Tsuchiya photo
Haru Tsuchiya
Vice President 2021-22
Get to know me (YT Video)
Yuan-Yuan photo
Yuan-Yuan ("Yona") Lo
ICC Chair 2021-22
Amanda Lau, ASOC Treasurer photo
Amanda Lau
Treasurer 2021-22
Catherine Simon photo
Catherine Simon
Legislative Rep 2021-22
 Rachel Chan's headshot
Rachael Chan
Secretary 2021-22


Want to get involved with ASOC?

Any current Ohlone student can become involved with ASOC, by any of the following ways:


Current Ohlone students can join ASOC by applying to become a Senator or to become an Executive Officer. We also have non-voting positions open in the Student Administration.
  • Senator applications are available and due within the first 2 weeks of the Fall and Spring semester.
  • Executive Officer applications are available in the beginning of SPRING semester
    • Voting takes place in April. - Make sure to regularly check this website and your student emails for more information.
For more information contact the Office of Student Life