2021-2022 ASOC Executive Elections

Please see below for more information regarding the candidates running for
ASOC Executive positions for the 2021-2022 school year.

Vote for 21-22 ASOC Executives & Ohlone Student Trustee. Polls open tonight 12am 4/28 and close 9am 4/30. https://j.mp/3vbN7WO
Polls open 12:00am 4/28, Wednesday; and close 9am on 4/30, Friday


Candidate(s) for ASOC President 21-22

Alex Bonilla:

"Greetings, Fellow Ohlone student,
I am Alex Bonilla, a current student sentaor. I am running for ASOC President with the Coalition for Change. We are current student senators that intend to reestablish student life. This is a unique opportunity to establish new traditions and make a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive community. During my career in the Navy, I was elected president of my command's morale, welfare, and recreation committee. This allowed me to organize rewarding opportunities to volunteer and socialize. It's this spirit, and my passion to ensure the best environment for my fellow student that I bring to this post."

Candidate(s) for ASOC Vice President 21-22

Kenneth Bui:

"Serving as an ASOC Senator has been one of the highest honors possible. I've been able to advocate for students in all matters, from vetoing the usage of invasive testing software like Proctorio, to lobbying for better student-faculty relations and voicing student concerns among faculty, I seek to serve and further the interests of all Ohlone students, and as vice president alongside the Coalition for Change, I will put all my efforts into making sure that Ohlone puts students' interests first. Our goals are to improve communication, student-faculty relationships, and make reopening easy for all of us. Please vote!"

Candidate(s) for ASOC Treasurer 21-22

Rachael Chan:

"I am running to be your Treasurer because I want to utilize the resources and opportunities available in order to improve student life on campus. I am confident in my abilities in fulfilling this role because of my experience as an intern for former California State Assembly member Kansen chu, studnt body Treasurer at my middle school, and as the current Executive Assistant at a small business in the local area. These opportunities allowed me to expand on my interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and helped me gain real-world experience. I look forward to actively participating in the betterment of Ohlone!"

Amanda Lau

"Hey Renegades! My name is Amanda Lau, and I am running for ASOC Treasurer for the 2021-2022 school year with the Coalition for Change. During my time as an ASOC senator this year, I have planned and executed events, voted on bills that directly affect the student body, and acted as a student representative in several faculty committees. Through these experiences, I have curated a passion for representing students at Ohlone and bridging the gap between students and faculty and hope to take the next step of becoming an executive officer. I highly encourage partaking in the election and voting! Thank you!."

Candidate(s) for ASOC ICC Chair

Daywa Beland:

"Hello everyone! I'm Daywa Beland, and I will be running for ICC CHair. I'm very excited to be a part of such an impactful community like ASOC. Being a part of many clubs throughout high school and college, I realized that these clubs are crucial for students' unity as it allows students of the same interests to come together! While understanding this, I know that this position will let me cooperate with students and bring them closer than ever despite the circumstances. I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them as this opens many new perspectives!"

Haru Tsuchiya:

"Being an ASOC senator has allowed me to interact with its members and staff of Ohlone and other community colleges. With the new perspectives I've gained from my time as a senator, I will engage in open-minded discussions that are brought to the Inter-Club Council. As ICC Chair, my goal is to increase student involvement in clubs, encourage underrepresented student groups to leadership posititions, and support club-related events for a more fulfilling online schooling experience. I will serve as a representative voice of diverse backgrounds, addressing issues and needs to the ICC and ASOC Senate. Thank you!"

Candidate(s) for ASOC Legislative Representative

Catherine Simon:

"Hello students! I'm Catherine Simon, and I'm running for ASOC Legislative Representative with the Coalition of Change. Being a part of ASOC as Senator of the Art helped me understand essential documents like the bylaws and Robert's Rules. During my time in ASOC, I helped plan an Alumni event and am currently working on an art show. This helped me gain experience to further my skills such as planning, organizing, and management. Furthermore, back in highschool, I was part of Leadership class and ASB. My goals include improving student-to-staff communication, creating a more welcoming environment for all staff and students at Ohlone, and encouraging more student participation. I encourage you to vote for who you believe is best for that position this upcoming April. Thank your listening, together we can make 2021-2022 the best year yet for Student Life at Ohlone!"

Sharnell Smothers-Billings:

"I am running for a seat at the table of Ohlone's student body. I am majoring in Sociology, a subject in which has allowed me to develop a passion for equality, equity, and inclusion among all. I adamantly believe, as a student of color that my perspective on campus issues will not only greatly benefit the minorities of our college community but will also contribute to the academic success of our school as a whole."

Candidate(s) for ASOC Secretary 21-22

There are no candidates for ASOC Secretary 2021-2022. This position will require a write-in vote.

Candidate(s) for Ohlone College Student Trustee

Kevin Hamilton:


"My name is Kevin Hamilton, and I'm a first-year student attending Ohlone College. Before enrolling here, I had just graduated from Newark Memorial High in June of 2020. And like most high school seniors at the time, my graduation was a virtual celebration. Currently, I'm in my second full-semester of school, and I'm working hard to earn an associate degree in business. To learn more about the field and its various subdisciplines, I joined the Ohlone Business Society earlier in the semester, and it's been a great experience so far to connect with new people and gain essential skills and valuable advice from guest lecturers and club leadership. After graduating from Ohlone College in the near future, I plan to transfer to one of the nearby four-year institutions like Cal State East Bay and continue my studies."