Basic Skills Courses

Descriptions of courses are available in the Ohlone College Catalog.

English Basic Skills Courses
Course Number Course Title Units
ENGL-151A Fundamentals of Composition 4.00
ENGL-151B Fundamentals of Composition 4.00
ENGL-162 Developmental Reading 4.00
ENGL-163 Techniques of College Reading 4.00
ENGL-172 Vocabulary Improvement 1.00
ENGL-173 Improvement of Learning Techniques 1.00
ENGL-174 Spelling Improvement 1.00
ENGL-175 Reading and Comprehension Improvement 1.00
ENGL-176 Rapid Reading 1.00
ENGL-191 Grammar & Editing Skills 3.00
English as a Second Language (ESL) Basic Skills Courses
Course Number Course Title Units
ESL-121 English Idioms 2.00
ESL-122 News & Current Events for ESL Students 2.00
ESL-123 English Verb Tenses 3.00
ESL-125 Using the Internet for ESL Practice 2.00
ESL-150 Basic English Pronunciation/Accent Reduction 3.00
ESL-151 Introduction to Speech Communication Skills 3.00
ESL-181LS Listening & Speaking, Level I 5.00
ESL-181RW Reading & Writing, Level I 5.00
ESL-182LS Listening & Speaking, Level II 5.00
ESL-182RW Reading & Writing, Level II 5.00
ESL-183LS Listening & Speaking, Level III 4.00
ESL-183RW Reading & Writing, Level III 4.00
ESL-184RW Reading & Writing, Level IV 4.00
ESL-191 Grammar & Editing Skills 3.00
Math Basic Skills Courses
Course Number Course Title Units
MATH-151 Algebra I 5.00
MATH-151A Algebra I, Part 1 2.50
MATH-151B Algebra I, Part 2 2.50
MATH-191 Pre-Algebra 3.00
MATH-190 Basic Mathematics 3.00
MATH-190A Basic Mathematics (Self-Paced) 1.50
MATH-190B Basic Mathematics (Self-Paced) 1.50
MATH-192 Basic Math & Pre-Algebra 5.00