Course Student Learning Outcomes, Methods of Student Evaluation, And Method of Course SLO Assessment

Planning and Documentation Templates

Sample Template

Method of Course SLO Assessment

Purpose: To think critically about the effectiveness of the course and implement continuous improvements.

  1. Review course SLOs and amend as needed.
  2. Arrange for a dialogue process between faculty teaching the course.
  3. Choose a method of student evaluation used across sections, one that embodies an assessment of most or all the course SLOs, particularly higher order learning. Look at the student performance on the SLOs as a whole. This turns the student evaluation into a course SLO assessment.
  4. Determine if the assessment of course SLOs indicates an area where the course may need improvement.
  5. Through dialogue amongst faculty teaching the course, develop an improvement plan.
  6. After the improvement plan has been implement, reassess to determine impact.
  7. Continue, over and over, for continuous improvement
  8. During course and program review, assess effectiveness of the course level assessment process.

Describe the Method of SLO Assessment:

Summarize the Results of the Assessment:

Summarize the Faculty Dialogue and Resulting Improvement Plan:

Follow Up:

Describe the Results of Having Implemented the Improvement Plan:

Describe New Plans Resulting this Plan and Ongoing Assessment: