Bridges to the Future in Biology at CSU Hayward

Ohlone College is one of 4 community colleges that have been invited to participate in a bridge program with California State University, Hayward. Each year four Ohlone students, who are interested in Biology as a future major and career, are selected to participate in this 2-year program.

The primary focus of this program is to increase the numbers of underrepresented ethnic minority students who are considering Bio-Medical Research as a major and career. Each student participant earns a stipend for their participation in this program.

During the first year, students participate in a summer program held at CSU Hayward where they learn molecular biology/biotechnology concepts and skills and they participate in a mini research project. Second year students are placed with local biotechnology companies for summer employment.

For more information about the Ohlone College-CSU Hayward Bridge Program contact the faculty coordinators: