Electron Microscope Project MaGIC

Ohlone's Biology Department and the Microscope Graphics and Imaging Center (MaGIC) of California State University Hayward (CSUH) have entered into a partnership which enables students enrolled in selected biology classes at Ohlone to work with advanced microscope technology--Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Students select biological specimens that they are studying in their classes at Ohlone College. The use the Critical Point Drier and Sputter Coater at our college to fix and process these specimens. Prepared specimens are then delivered to CSUH to be mounted on the SEM. Using a computer-based remote control feature, students and faculty are able to control the SEM at CSUH from the Ohlone College workstation to study their biological specimens at magnifications up to 10,000 times their actual size.

Recently the Biology Dept. added Biology 100B Introduction to Microscopy to its curriculum. Students enrolled in 100B will learn how to prepare specimens for study using the Scanning Electron Microscope.

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