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Note: The Biotechnology Center is a regional center supporting biotechnology. If you are interested in taking biotechnology classes at Ohlone, please visit Ohlone's Biotechnology Department web page.

The following sites are a few of the many biotechnology or biosciences-related websites in California. The sites include information for students, faculty and teachers about careers in biotechnology and the biosciences in general, jobs, industry information, statistics, news, education, training, and other subjects.

The Statewide Biological Technologies Initiative
Led by its six centers and partnering with biotechnology firms, secondary schools, universities, public agencies and associations. The Initiative lays the groundwork for comprehensive educational programs to prepare the workforce for new jobs. Biotech/Biomedical
Many links including bioinformatics, nanotechnology, genetics, genomics, proteomics, green biotech products, etc. and about careers.
Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium (BABEC)
A regional network of local science education organizations based in the Northern California Bay Area. BABEC is dedicated to increasing student understanding of key concepts in molecular biology and raising student awareness of applications and careers in biotechnology. BABEC provides teacher training.
Bay Area Career Pathways Alliance (BACPA)
Facilitates the sharing of resources, information and best practices among high school-to-college career pathway programs in the Bay Area.
Northern California's life science association.
BayBio Institute
ife science community in the Northern California region primarily through activities in four major areas: Best Practice Dialogues, BayBioNEST Events, Workforce Education and Outreach Initiative.
Bio - Biotechnology Industry Organization
Conferences, events, news, etc.
Covers trade rumors, news, jobs, events, and innovations.
A National Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Center for Biotechnology that enhances and expands biotechnology education programs by providing cutting edge professional development for instructors and maintaining a depot of donated laboratory equipment and supplies for instructors.
Biology Online
Biology-related resources: Dictionary, tutorials, essays, etc.
National and international industry news, jobs and more.
The leading online community for industry news and careers for life science professionals.
California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM)
Support and advance stem cell research and regenerative medicine under the highest ethical and medical standards for the discovery and development of cures, therapies, diagnostics and research technologies to relieve human suffering from chronic disease and injury.
DOE Joint Genome Institute
A research institute to advance genomics in support of the DOE missions related to clean energy generation and environmental characterization and cleanup.
East Bay Biotechnology Education Program (EBBEP)
Provides lab kits to more than 120 high school science teachers at 60 schools throughout Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano counties.
Covers education technology in all its aspects-from legislation and litigation, to case studies, to purchasing practices and new products.
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Leads international efforts to defeat hunger.
Biotech jobs, learning resources, career tools.
Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI)
JBEI's primary scientific mission is to advance the development of the next generation of biofuels-liquid fuels derived from the solar energy stored in plant biomass.
J. David Gladstone Institute
Research focus is on three of the most important clinical problems of modern times: cardiovascular disease, AIDS, and neurodegenerative disorders.
Labor Market Information (LMI)
Presents California's Labor market at a glance, trends, analysis, economic data.
Labor Market Information (LMI) - Under the Microscope, Biotechnology Jobs in California
The occupational analysis includes a job description, skills, knowledge and abilities, wages, training requirements, job outlook, and additional sources of information.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
A premier national security laboratory
Find jobs or careers in Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Medicine, Healthcare and Science.
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Advances science and health by providing access to biomedical and genomic information.
National Institute for Women in Trades (IWITTS)
Provides the tools to successfully integrate women into male-dominated careers -- such as technology and law enforcement -- via our training, publications, products, e-strategies, and research projects.
Technical Education Magazine
Encourages, enlightens and inspires educators in the Technical, Technology, Industrial, Vocational, and Pre-Engineering Fields.
UC Biotech.Org
A repository of science-based information and resources related to biotechnology applied to agriculture, foods and the environment.
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Browse by subject under Education and Outreach.
Universities offering 4-year, Master's degrees, and/or certificates in Biotechnology and/or Biological Sciences
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Federal Government agency of labor economics and statistics.