Clients and Testimonials - Biotechnology Center

Important Note

Note: The Biotechnology Center is a regional center supporting biotechnology. If you are interested in taking biotechnology classes at Ohlone, please visit Ohlone's Biotechnology Department web page.

Partial list of Clients

  • Agilent
  • Aleeva
  • Allergan
  • Alexza
  • Amgen
  • Applied BioSystems
  • Arbor Vita
  • Aryx
  • Bayer
  • Bio-Marin
  • Boston Scientific
  • CellGenesys
  • ChiroSolv
  • Genemed
  • Genencor
  • Genentech
  • Geron
  • Hardy Diagnostics
  • Impax
  • Intekrin
  • Intermune
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Life Scan
  • Medarex
  • Mentis Solutions
  • Metabolex
  • Modulus
  • PDL
  • Planet Biotechnology
  • Paracor Medical
  • Proteus BioMedical
  • Quidel
  • Roche
  • SanMina Science
  • Solstice Neuroscience
  • Supergen
  • XDX
  • Zosano Pharma


"While employed I took the Writing Effective SOPs workshop and it was a tremendous help in drafting SOPs so they addressed company needs and satisfied FDA regulations. The instructor and her material were very thorough and I came away feeling more confident in my skills at writing procedures in a regulated environment.

I've taken other workshops since I was laid off, and each one of them gave me the concepts, language, and specific information to communicate more effectively and comfortably during interviews. In addition, I listed these workshops on my resume and got a very positive response from recruiters."


"The only Ohlone workshop I've attended was the Biotechnology Workshop for Non-Scientists and I am employed at a pharmaceutical research company. My job is on the "business" side rather than being in the lab and I do not have a background in biotechnology or science. Therefore, my reason for attending was to gain a better understanding of terminology and biotechnology in general […] I do believe I came away from the workshop with more knowledge in my current field, which has been helpful."


"Writing SOPs, Quality System Regulations - Medical Devices & Good Manufacturing Practices workshops are excellent in helping us to prepare the quality system for our medical device start-up."


"It was an excellent program for me. Having an intermittent background in the life sciences industry, caused the workshops to be very effective in filling my gaps in understanding of this field. The workshops presenters were very professional and the overall scope of the program covered the whole range of aspects in this field. Of course the very organized setting, logistics made the program even better."


"I enjoyed the workshops they were very informative. The teachers shared some experiences with different FDA issues. I would like to see more of this. It seems to spark up the conversations with everyone."


"I place a great deal of value on the courses I have been able to attend and each time have come away with a greater understanding of processes and how my work impacts other aspects of my company. Again, I am pretty new to the industry and sometimes the learning curve seems overwhelming. The Ohlone courses have helped me to get a better grasp."


"I run the Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs at a small medical device manufacturer. I recently attended the statistics classes that are part of your Biotech series at Ohlone College. I would like to commend your team on a job well done. I was impressed and delighted for several reasons:

  1. The course content was EXACTLY what I need to know as someone who utilizes statistical techniques in the industry. I can't think of anyone better than Mr. Zorich to teach this class.
  2. The Biotech series is obviously well thought out and the topics are focused on industry need. Your dedication to serving your business community is apparent here.
  3. The logistics of putting the course on were well-executed. The room was good, the snacks were nice, the preparation was good, Maria was thoughtful and took care of the questions we had.

Again, I was impressed and delighted with the experience.

As a manager, I'm glad to have you as a resource for this type of industry-specific training."


"I am Senior QC Stability. I attended 2 workshops at Ohlone College: GMP and Writing Effective SOPs. I would like to say thanks for the program because I learned a lot from those workshops. The instructor for both workshops I attended was Paula Shadle. She was excellent. The material and classroom were very helpful. I hope to have more chance to attend more workshops relating to biotech in the future."


"I benefitted tremendously from the biotechnology workshops last year and hope to gain benefits this year. The courses on quality systems and FDA regulations aided me in designing a business and regulatory strategy for my company and I also got to meet some very talented and interesting people. Thank you for bringing this great resource to our community once again this year."