If you're interested in trying out the biotechnology program at Ohlone College, the first thing to do is apply for admission to Ohlone , then register for BIOT105, Cell and Molecular Biology. This course assumes no science background, and has no prerequisites. For those new to the field, it's a thorough introduction to the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a laboratory setting. For those with some experience, it's a great opportunity to brush up on your hands-on techniques and calculations skills. BIOT105 is the gateway class for the rest of the biotechnology program, so it’s where you'll want to start. BIOT105 is offered every Spring and Fall, usually with both daytime and evening options.

Depending on the number of units you're interested in taking per semester, you can complete a Biotechnology certificate at Ohlone in 2-3 semesters.   Earning an Associate's Degree in Biotechnology typically takes 2 years.  Ohlone's counselors can help you plan your academic path, and if you have questions about the biotechnology program specifically you can contact the Biotech Department coordinator Dr. Laurie Issel-Tarver, lisseltarver@ohlone.edu.

Note: for those students in a hurry to earn the basic BioManufacturing Certificate as quickly as possible, the following courses can be taken in the 1st semester:

  • BIOT105 – Cell and Molecular Biology (4 units)
  • BIOT113 – GMP/GLP and Writing SOPs (1.5 units)
  • BIOT121 – Biotechnology Careers (1 unit)
  • CAOT148 – Computer Applications in Biotechnology (0.5 units)
  • CHEM109 – Biochemistry for Health Science and Biotechnology (4 units)