Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

Electronic Documents for September 14, 2005 Meeting

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Electronic Board Packet - September 14, 2005 Meeting
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Description Documents
None Agenda Agenda (HTML)
1 Approval of Minutes (August 10, 2005 Board Meeting)
2 Presentation of Stars of the Month
3 Recapitulation of Accounts Payable Warrants (August 3, 2005 - September 5, 2005)
4 Recapitulation of Payroll Warrants (August 2005)
5 Authorization of the Surplus of Personal Property
6 Confirmation of Employment Authorized by the President/Superintendent
7 Approval of Adjunct Instructors for Fall Semester, 2005 Addendum
8 Approval of Resignation - Ann Fuller
9 Approval of Resignation - Reginald Burdett
10 Approval of Resolution No. 5/05-06, Recognition of Mr. Jim Klent and Granting Emeritus Status
11 Approval of Resolution No. 6/05-06, Recognition of Mr. Adam Peck and Granting Emeritus Status
12 Approval New Classified Job Classification-Biotechnology Lab Technician, Biology/Chemistry Center
13 Approval New Classified Job Classification - Instructional Assistant, Biology/Chemistry Center
14 Approval of Revised Classified Position - Maintenance Trades Mechanic
15 Approval of Revised Classified Position - Skilled Maintenance Mechanic HVAC II
16 Approval of New Classified Management Position - Executive Director, Asset & Enterprise Management Services
17 Approval of Column Movement Advancement on the Salary Schedule for Fall, 2005
18 Request for a 40% Leave Without Pay, 2005-2006 Academic Year, Associate Professor, English
19 Acceptance of the Fourth Quarter 2004-2005 Financial Report
20 Approval of Agreement for Real Estate Appraisal Services
21 Approval to Rescind Contract for Martin Scott for Inspector of Record Services for the Ohlone College Newark Center
22 Ratification of Contract for Inspector of Record (IOR) for Newark Ohlone Center for Sciences and Technology
23 Approval of Contract with Turner Construction Company for Cost Estimation Service for Student Support Service Building
24 Ratification of Amendment 3 to tBP's Architectural Services Contract, Project Assignment #2, Student Support Services Building
25 Approval of Amendment 4 to tBP Architectural Services Contract, Project Assignment #2, Student Support Services Building
26 De-Annexation and Revision of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&R's) for the Newark Center Property
27 Acceptance of Completion of the Installation of the FM-200 System in Hyman Hall
28 Approval of Resolutions No. 07/05-06, 08/05-06, and 09/05-06 Requesting the Waiving of Requirements of Education Code Section 81370(b)
29 Acceptance of Donation of Instructional Equipment
30 Public Hearing on the 2005-2006 Final District Budget
  1. Open Hearing for Comments from Citizens
  2. Discussion at Board Level
  3. Hearing Closed
31 Approval of the 2005-06 Final Budget
32 Approval of Resolution 10/05-06 to Increase the Rainy Day Reserve
33 Marketing & Advertising Strategy