Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

Electronic Documents for October 26, 2005 Meeting

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Electronic Board Packet - October 26, 2005 Meeting
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Description Documents
None Agenda Agenda (HTML)
1 Closed Session: Conference with Real Property Negotiators: (Government Code 54956.8): This item includes conference with Jim Eller regarding campus property located at 43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, California
2 Closed Session: Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release (Government Code Section 54957)
3 Approval of Minutes (September 14, 2005 Board Meeting)
4 Approval of Minutes (September 28, 2005 Board Meeting)
5 Swearing in of New Student Trustee, Tristan Tilma
6 Presentation of Stars of the Month: Susan Johnson, Rick Arellano
7 Recapitulation of Accounts Payable Warrants (09/06/05 - 10/03/05)
8 Recapitulation of Payroll Warrants (September, 2005)
9 Ratification of Contract Education Agreements
10 Confirmation of Employment Authorized by the President/Superintendent
11 Approval of Resignation - Dominic Wong
12 Approval of Resignation - Joyce Passer
13 Approval of Resignation - Karen Wright
14 Approval of Resolution No. 11/05-06 Board Members Absence
15 Approval of Resolution No. 13/05-06, Recognition of Mr. Howard DeWitt and Granting Emeritus Status
16 Approval of Resolution No. 14/05-06, Recognition of Ms. Gloria Reid and Granting Emeritus Status
17 Approval of Resolution No. 15/05-06, Recognition of Mr. Dennis Roby and Granting Emeritus Status
18 Approval of Contract Addendum #2 with Architectural Energy Corporation for LEED Commissioning Services for Student Support Services Building Project
19 New Degree Option
20 Approval of Associated Students of OhloneCollege Budget: Fiscal Year 2005-06
21 Addition of Health Services Fee for Students Receiving Board of Governors (BOG) Waivers
22 Nursing Program Report
23 Consideration of Resolution No. 12/05-06 Authorization To Enter into Negotiations for Nonbinding Letter of Intent for the Sale or Lease of District Surplus Real Property
24 Academic Calendar Change
25 Accreditation Progress Report to ACCJC/WASC
26 Board Self Evaluation Process
27 Closed Session: Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Government Code Section 54957): a. President / Superintendent None