Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

Electronic Documents for June 13, 2007 Meeting

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Electronic Board Packet - June 13, 2007
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Description Documents
None Agenda Agenda (HTML)
1 Closed Session: Conference with Legal Counsel-Anticipated Litigation (Significant Exposure to litigation pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.99(b))
2 Closed Session: Public Employee Performance and Contract (Government Code Section 54957): President/Superintendent
3 Closed Session: Consideration of Student Expulsion: Education Code Section 48918c
4 Approval of Minutes (May 23, 2007 Board Meeting)
5 Information Only: Student Report on China Exchange
6 Information Only: Presentation of IT Infrastructure Upgrade Plan
7 Consent Agenda: Recapitulation of Accounts Payable Warrants (May 2, 2007 - June 5, 2007)
8 Consent Agenda: Recapitulation of Payroll Warrants (May, 2007)
9 Consent Agenda: Confirmation of Employment Authorized by the President/Superintendent
10 Consent Agenda: Approval of Adjunct Instructors for Summer Session, 2007 Addendum
11 Consent Agenda: Services Employees International Union's (SEIU) Initial Bargaining Proposal 2007-2008
12 Consent Agenda: United Faculty of Ohlone (UFO) Initial Bargaining Proposal 2007-2008
13 Consent Agenda: Approval of Management Contracts
14 Consent Agenda: Approval of New CSEA Job Description - Grant Project Assistant
15 Consent Agenda: Approval of Resignation; Biotechnology Lab Technician (Luk)
16 Consent Agenda: Approval of Resignation; One-Stop Career Center Director (Headley)
17 Consent Agenda: Approval of Resolution #21/06-07 Designation of Authorized Signatures
18 Consent Agenda: Resolution #22/06-07 to Approve the Facsimile Agreement with Fremont Bank for the Associate Study Body Account, the Bookstore Checking Account, and the Financial Aid Account
19 Consent Agenda: Approval of School and College Legal Services Retainer
20 Consent Agenda: Establishment of 2007-08 Appropriations Limit
21 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Amendment with Glacier Iron Works
22 Consent Agenda: Authorization for the Surplus of Personal Property
23 Discussion and/or Action: Approval of 5-Year Construction Plan

Discussion and/or Action: Approval of the Tentative 2007-08 Budget

  1. Open Hearing for Comments from Citizens
  2. Discussion at Board Level
  3. Hearing Closed
25 Discussion and/or Action: Resolution #23/06-07 Consideration of Intent to Lease Surplus Property
26 Discussion and/or Action: Award of Contract for Computer Equipment and Support for the Datatel Computer Upgrade
27 Discussion and/or Action: Award of Piggyback Contract to Hyland Software for Digital Scanning System
28 Discussion and/or Action: Policy on Naming of Buildings
29 Discussion and/or Action: Role and Scope of Board Sub-Committees
30 Discussion and/or Action: Development of Sub-Committees Discussion Agendas
31 Discussion and/or Action: Board Planning Workshop Agenda
32 Information Only: Lease-Leaseback Projects for Smith Center Parking, PV Energy Project on Fremont Campus, and Baseball Stadium on Newark Campus