Board of Trustees for the Ohlone Community College District

Electronic Documents for January 9, 2008 Meeting

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Electronic Board Packet - January 9, 2008
Agenda Item Number Agenda Item Description Documents
None Agenda Agenda
1 Approval of Minutes (December 12, 2007 Meeting)
2 Approval of Minutes (December 19, 2007 Meeting)
3 Consent Agenda: Recapitulation of Accounts Payable Warrants (December 6, 2007 - January 4, 2007)
4 Consent Agenda: Confirmation of Employment Authorized by the President/Superintendent
5 Consent Agenda: Approval of Adjunct Instructors for Fall Semester, 2007 Addendum
6 Consent Agenda: Approval of an Increase in the Hourly Pay Rates for Student Employees, effective January 1, 2008
7 Consent Agenda: Approval of Resignation; Job Placement Specialist (Kotani)
8 Consent Agenda: Approval of Resignation; Learning Disability Specialist (Schoenecker)
9 Consent Agenda: Approval of New CSEA Job Description; Executive Assistant to the Associate Vice President, NCHST
10 Consent Agenda: Approval of Revised CSEA Job Description; Case Manager, One-Stop Career Center
11 Consent Agenda: Newark Campus Room Naming Ratification
12 Consent Agenda: Approval of Resolution #12/07-08, Approval of Governing Board to Enter Into Agreement with the California Department of Education for Child Development Services for Instructional Materials
13 Consent Agenda: Approve Amendment #3 with Fugro West, Inc., for Geotechnical Services
14 Consent Agenda: Ratify Contract Number 251-0905-001 Amendment #2 Keith Woods, Inspector of Record
15 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Change Order to Associated Terrazzo Contract 234-0206-001
16 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Change Orders to Hoem & Associates Contract 236-0506-001
17 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Change Orders to Valley Crest Landscape Development Contract 227-0506-001
18 Consent Agenda: Ratification of Change Orders to ISEC Contract No. 239-0206-001
19 Consent Agenda: Ratify Amendment #4 with Stegeman and Kastner, Inc., for Bond Program Management
20 Discussion and/or Action: Acceptance of Independent Auditor's Report for Year ended June 30, 2007
21 Discussion and/or Action: Administrative Reorganization 2008
22 Discussion and/or Action: Establishment of Audit Committee 2008
23 Discussion and/or Action: Attorney Guidance on Board Voting
24 Information Only: CCLC Report
25 Information Only: Board Calendar