AP 2105 Election of Student Member - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: Education Code Section 72023.5


The student member shall be elected by a plurality vote of those voting in a regular election of the student body. All members of the student body may vote. Normally, the election will be conducted during the spring semester and will be completed in time for the student member to take office on May 15th.


The Student Member may be recalled in an election conducted in the same manner as the election to office. Recall shall be initiated for just cause only, including but not limited to illegal or unethical behavior while acting as a representative of the students of the Ohlone Community College District; being unresponsive, or acting contrary to the interests and welfare of the District; or not maintaining the qualifications of the Student Trustee. An election will be called upon presentation to the President/Superintendent of a petition signed by at least 10% of the students enrolled at the time of filing the petition. Additionally, a recall election may be called for cause by a majority vote of the Board of Trustees. No recall election will be held if the petition is received within 60 days of a regularly scheduled election for student member.

Vacancy and Special Election

The office shall become vacant if the student member becomes ineligible for the office, resigns, is recalled, or dies. Upon notice to the President/Superintendent that a vacancy has occurred, the President/Superintendent or designee shall arrange for a special election that provides for:

  • Notice communicated to the student body of the result of the recall election, if the vacancy has occurred as the result of a recall election, and arrangements for a special election;
  • An application period for students to submit an application to become a candidate for the open position that will be open for at least five days on which classes are regularly held;
  • Following such application period, a period of time no less than five days upon which classes are regularly held for campaigning, and;
  • Voting for the special election to be concluded within 30 days following the date upon which the position became vacant.

No special election will be called if the vacancy occurs within 60 days of a regularly scheduled election for student member.

Please see BP #2015, Student Member of the Board of Trustees, and BP #2105, Election of Student Member.

Adopted: February 2014