AP 2435 Evaluation of President/Superintendent - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: Accreditation Standard IV.A

The President/Superintendent performs a written self-evaluation near the end of the academic year. The evaluation is based on the achievement of the President/Superintendent's priorities as identified and agreed upon during the previous Board Planning and Evaluation Retreat. The self-evaluation also includes assessment of performance of the areas addressed in a performance survey and may include descriptions of professional activities, professional development, and overall assessment of job performance. The President/Superintendent submits the self-evaluation to the Board at the time the survey on his/her performance is provided to them for completion. This survey is conducted through an external service (such as ACCT) and is based on good practices as identified in Handbook on CEO-Board Relations and Responsibilities by George Boggs, ACCT, and Accreditation Standard IV.B(2) related to CEO responsibilities.

At the Board Planning and Evaluation Retreat held during the summer following the academic year, the Board participates in a facilitated closed session discussion about the results of the survey and the president's overall performance during the previous year. Based on the Board's conclusions about his/her performance, the Board makes recommendations for improvement and considers new direction or emphasis for the coming year.

In preparation for this meeting, the President/Superintendent drafts a list of topics as potential presidential priorities for the coming year. Together the Board and President/Superintendent identify 4-5 presidential priorities to be addressed in the coming year. These priorities and the Board's priorities for the following year are developed mutually to align with the College's strategic goals. Both sets of priorities are approved by the Board in a subsequent meeting.

Adopted: January 2013
Revised: November 2013