AP 2740 Board Education - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: Accreditation Standard IV.B.1.f; California Education Code Section 72423

Members of the Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees shall have conference expenses paid whenever they travel as representatives of and perform services directed by the Board. Trustees shall be held to the same travel guidelines and reimbursement schedules as staff. Trustees will give a report to the Board on sessions which they attended.

Travel accommodations for accompanying partners are the responsibility of the Trustee. The District is responsible only for accommodations and reservations for the Trustee.

Airline Travel

Reservations for travel, when possible, are to be made sufficiently in advance to ensure the lowest rate available. Should Trustees request a higher rate, they must pay the difference.

Hotel Accommodations

The most economical room available must be used. Should Trustees request an upgrade or higher rate, they must pay the difference.


The Conferences which Trustees may attend include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • AACC Annual Convention
  • ACCT Annual Leadership Conference
  • ACCT Community College Legislative Summit
  • CCLC Annual Convention
  • CCLC Annual Trustee Conference
  • CCLC Annual Legislative Conference
  • CCLC Board Chair Workshop
  • CCLC Effective Trusteeship Workshop

Trustees may also enroll in webinars and other professional training offered on-line by the AACC, ACCT, ACCJC or CCLC or other education-related organization as determined by the Board or proposed by the President/Superintendent on an as-needed basis. Trustees may also receive professional development during Board Workshops through experts in diverse fields of interest to the Board.

Trustee Priority Selection of Conferences to Attend

By August 1st, all Trustees on the Board shall have a list of the upcoming annual Conference Calendar in order to plan for the upcoming academic calendar year.

By the September Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees, the Agenda will include an Action Item that will serve to finalize the selection of Trustees to the conferences listed in the annual Conference Calendar.

The Priority of Selection shall be in two (2) tiers:

  • Tier #1: Newly-elected, Newly-appointed Trustees and Board Chair/Vice-Chair.
  • Tier #2: All Other Trustees.

All Trustees will be given every opportunity to make a request for a conference of their choice. These requests shall be finalized at the September Regular meeting of the Board of Trustees. Each Trustee can only be selected to one (1) conference per year. If another conference becomes available or is not selected amongst the Conference Calendar, then all Trustees will have the opportunity to make a selection with the priority given to the Trustee who has attended the fewest conferences over their term of office.

A description of each Tier and the potential choices of conferences follow:

  • Tier #1:
    • Newly-elected, Newly-appointed Trustees
      • CCLC Effective Trustee Workshop
    • Board Chair and/or Vice-Chair
      • CCLC Board Chair Workshop
  • Tier #2:
    Conference Organization Attendee
    Student Trustee Conference CCLC Student Trustee
    Annual Leadership Congress ACCT All Trustees
    Annual Conference CCLC All Trustees
    Effective Trusteeship Workshop CCLC Newly-elected/Newly-appointed Trustees
    Board Chair Workshop CCLC Chair/Vice-Chair
    Annual Legislative Conference CCLC All Trustees
    Community College Legislative Summit* ACCT All Trustees
    Annual Convention AACC All Trustees
    Annual Trustee Conference CCLC All Trustees

* Selection will be contingent upon the results of the Selection Process and available funding.

Selection Process at the September Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees

The procedure to render a final list of Trustees attending a conference shall proceed as follows:

  • The Agenda for the September Regular meeting shall include an Action Item stating the intent of the Item.
  • The Board Chair will introduce the item.
  • The Board Clerk will prepare a written ballot listing all the conferences previously provided to the Trustees on or before August 1st.
  • Trustees will indicate their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice from the list.
  • Ballots will be collected by the Clerk and displayed on the screen in spreadsheet form.
  • Trustees will discuss the choices.
  • Once all conference assignments have been selected, a motion to ratify the selections in open session will be considered and voted upon.
  • The Board Chair will remind Trustees to review BP 2735, BP 2740, BP 2750 and their associated Administrative Procedures.
  • Trustees will be afforded every opportunity to exchange their selection with another Trustee due to unforeseen circumstances preventing them from attending their original choice.

Student Trustee to the Board

The Student Trustee may be approved to attend conferences and meetings that demonstrate a direct relationship to their role as a Student Trustee. This includes the CCLC Student Trustee Conference, held each year in August.


The budget set aside for Trustee Professional Development shall not exceed $10,000 in the adopted Budget of the Ohlone Community College District.

Please also see BP 2735, Board Member Travel, BP 2740, Board Education and BP 2750, Board Member Absence from the State.

Board Adopted: October 8, 2014