AP 3050 Institutional Code of Ethics - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 3 General Institution

  • References: Accreditation Standard III.A.1.d

The Ohlone Community College District recognizes its responsibility and obligation to the community, students, and staff to act with honesty, integrity, and professionalism in the performance of the operations necessary to achieve its established mission. Professionalism includes avoiding abusive conduct or bullying those with whom you interact.

All District employees share the responsibility to always act with integrity and in a manner that reflects the best interests of the District and its students. This Code of Ethics applies to behavior during the course of employment and is communicated to all employees of the District upon hire.

Standards of Conduct for all district employees include:

  • Embracing and supporting the District's mission, vision, and values.
  • Following all applicable laws, regulations, Board Policies, and Administrative Procedures.
  • Cultivating and sustaining high academic and professional standards.
  • Maintaining a working and learning environment free from harassment, discrimination, and retaliatory conduct.
  • Avoiding abusive, bullying, or threatening behavior or communications.
  • Demonstrating commitment to equal opportunity in employment and in educational programs and services.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of information about students, staff, and candidates for employment obtained in the course of District employment.
  • Protecting District assets by refraining from using District time, supplies, and equipment for non-District activities.
  • Refraining from using the goodwill or name of the District for personal gain.
  • Demonstrating good judgment in the use of social media and refraining from making statements that could be interpreted as representing the District.
  • Demonstrating environmental stewardship and keeping our campus beautiful.

See BP 5500 for student Standards of Conduct.

Adopted: October 2013
Revised: January 2015