AP 3530 Weapons on Campus - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 3 General Institution

  • References: Penal Code Sections 626.9 and 626.10

Firearms, knives, explosives or other dangerous objects, including but not limited to any facsimile firearm, knife or explosive, are prohibited on any District campus or at any District center, or in any facility of the District.

Activities involving firearms or other weapons conducted under the direction of District officials or as authorized by an official law enforcement agency shall be reported to Campus Police Services before taking place.

Any person who believes that he or she may properly possess a firearm or other weapon on campus or in a District center or other facility of the District must promptly notify Campus Police Services.

Bringing or possessing any ice pick, or knife having a fixed blade longer than 2 ½ inches upon the grounds is prohibited, unless the person is authorized to possess such a weapon in the course of his or her employment, has been authorized by a District employee to have the knife, or is a duly appointed peace officer, who is engaged in the performance of his or her duties.

Adopted: January 2010