AP 3725 District Cellphone Usage Stipend - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 3 General Institution

The District requires some individuals or positions to be available beyond their scheduled work hours, to access critical systems off campus, regularly check messages, and/or to be available anywhere either before, during, and/or after work hours as part of the responsibilities of their job.

In lieu of providing eligible employees with cellphones and pay for the monthly cellular services, the District will provide the employee a stipend to cover a portion of their monthly expense. The sole purpose of this stipend is to compensate the employee for the reasonable use of their personal phones and services for District-related business/activity.

The employee with the accorded stipend shall have the sole responsibility in maintaining a service contract with a telecommunications carrier (such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon) and shall have the sole responsibility for acquiring and upgrading his or her smartphone. The District will not be involved with the personal service contracts of employees with telecommunications carriers as the phone and the service are still personally owned by the employee including the monthly payment of the services. Furthermore, the employee with a cellphone usage stipend must have an active smartphone and service contract with a telecommunications carrier before any stipend is provided.

The District has the right to cancel the cellphone stipend of a particular employee at any time in the case of changing job responsibilities, separation of the employee from the District, or non-compliance of an employee with the purpose for which the stipend is intended.

To efficiently monitor the implementation of this procedure, all approved stipends expire on the last day of the fiscal year, and the employees will need to fill out the form and seek authorization from their department directors, deans, their division vice president, and IT Services on annual basis.

Criteria for Cellphone Usage Reimbursement

A District employee may be provided with cellphone usage stipend if their job responsibilities or functions meet the following requirements:

  1. On Call Availability. The employee is required to be on call a majority of the time to be contacted in the event of an emergency, health, safety, or service need.
  2. Out of Office. The job requires working outside the employee's designated office, requires contact with vendors, service providers, and other third-party maintenance to address issues and emergencies, and needs to be available.
  3. Off Campus Mobility. The job requires a significant working off campus during an employee's regular working hours, and it is imperative to the operations of the District that the employee be immediately accessible to receive and/or make frequent business calls during those times.

An employee meeting these requirements is eligible for a $50.00 monthly stipend.

Employee Responsibilities

An employee requesting a stipend shall:

  1. Have an active service contract with a telecommunications carrier while receiving the stipend and establish himself/herself as the sole billing party with the telecommunications carrier.
  2. Be fully responsible for the monthly service contract with the telecommunications carrier regardless of cost, services availed, and coverage.
  3. Be responsible for purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading their smartphones, including insurance and repairs.
  4. Be responsible for any accessory or auxiliary equipment needed for his or her smartphone.
  5. Ensure the telecommunications carrier has significant coverage for his or her primary residence and other off campus locations the employee frequents.
  6. Exert an effort to answer calls, messages, emails, and/or other methods the employee is contacted through the smartphone.
  7. Notify the appropriate department head within five (5) working days in the event the eligibility criterion is no longer applicable for the employee.
  8. Provide a copy of the billing statement upon request to validate service from a telecommunications carrier or other purposes required.
  9. Recognize that the District-related data or information on his or her smartphone is still District-owned and protected and shall agree to implement security procedures exclusively for District-related data and information.
  10. Follow appropriate board policy and administrative policy in rendering overtime work for classified staff.
  11. Fill out the cellphone usage stipend form to receive this stipend and seek appropriate approval on an annual basis.

Procedure for Receiving the Stipend

  1. Employee fills out the form.
  2. Employee sends the completed form to their department head/dean.
  3. Employee sends the completed form to their division vice president.
  4. Employee sends the completed form to the AVP of IT Services.
  5. AVP of IT Services sends the approved form to the Payroll office.
  6. Payroll office processes the stipend.

Payroll and IT Services keep a copy of the fully signed/approved form.


District Issued Phones

The District recognizes that a cellphone usage stipend may not be appropriate for some eligible employees. In lieu of this reimbursement, the District may issue phones to departments, in which case the responsibility of managing the distribution and maintenance of these phones shall reside with the department head. Along with other District-owned communication technologies, District-owned cellphones shall at all times be located on District premises (including transit from one location to another). The approval of the president/division vice president is needed before an employee may take the District-issued phone from District premises.

There is a reasonable expectation that administrators are on call most of the time. In view of this expectation, administrators are not entitled to a cellphone stipend. The District, through IT Services, may issue a smartphone to an administrator who is required to answer calls and/or be online after normal work hours, holidays, and/or vacation.

Adopted: September 2016