AP 4010 Academic Calendar - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • References: Education Code Section 79020; Title 5 Sections 55700 et seq. and 58142, 555702


Ohlone is approved by the California Community College Chancellor's Office (CCCCO) to offer courses in two, 16-week semesters, encompassing the regular fall and spring instructional terms. This 32 week configuration included the approval of 4 flex days, during which the college can provide in service training for faculty and receive apportionment compensation from the state as if the faculty were engaged in the class room hours. Any deviation from this state approved structure would require additional Chancellors office approval. Within this structure, some local control is possible regarding start and end dates of terms and specific timing of the academic calendar conforming to allow for adjustment to local high school schedules, holidays and input from Faculty.

Processes for Determining the Academic Calendar

The President/Superintendent, or designee, develops the annual academic calendar in consultation with the Faculty Senate. The academic calendar is presented to the Faculty Senate for their review and approval approximately 16 months prior to the academic year commencing

The Number of Days That Define an Academic Year

The traditional Fall and Spring Terms meet for a total of 175 instructional days in accordance with a Condensed Calendar option as approved by the California Community College Chancellor's Office. The 175 day requirement is met in the 16 week calendar structure because Ohlone offers Saturday and Sunday classes to such an extent as to qualify as instructional or operational days. The traditional Summer Term is generally a 6-week term. Classes may meet for longer or shorter than these time frames, but the majority of classes fit into these patterns. Summer term is deemed by the CCCCO to be an optional term and is offered at the discretion of the President.

Flexible Calendar Options

The Flexible Calendar included four days designated as flex; 2 fixed and 2 floating. The Flexible Calendar program is implemented within guidelines approved by the Professional Development Committee (4.13.2006, revised 5.26.2010, revised 1.17.2012), which include several related sections of the collective bargaining agreement with the United Faculty of Ohlone: Skip plugin notice.

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