AP 4070 Auditing and Auditing Fees - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • References: Education Code 76370

Auditors are students who have received permission to attend a class without receiving course credit. As an example, students may choose to audit a course that they have already completed in the past, as a refresher to prepare them for a higher level class. Students may also choose to audit a course for personal enrichment.

In order to audit a course, students must obtain permission from the instructor of the course (permission forms may be obtained at Admissions and Records or online at

Additional requirements:

  • The Audit Application Form must be submitted to Admissions and Records by the add deadline for the class (see the appropriate Academic Calendar). However, forms will not be processed until all students who wish to register for credit have had the opportunity to do so.
  • No student auditing a class shall be permitted to change enrollment status in that class to receive credit.
  • Auditors must pay a non-refundable audit fee of $15 per unit per term. Enrollment fees may not be used to pay for auditing a class.
  • Students enrolled in credit classes for 10 or more semester units shall not be charged a fee to audit 3 or fewer units per term. To obtain this credit, students must contact the Cashier's Department (Building 1, second floor) after the third week of a full term.
  • Units associated with auditing are not counted toward minimum requirements for financial aid, student employment, etc.

Faculty Senate Approved: May 2008
Adopted: May 2008

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