AP 4103 Work Experience - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • References: Title 5 Sections 55250 et seq.

The District is committed to offering a Cooperative Work Experience (WEX) program that offers students opportunities to earn credits for on-the-job learning experiences. WEX is an academic program that allows a student's experience at a job to be used as a basis for assigning academic credit.

The program is based on a plan submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellors Office, which includes:

  1. The systematic design of a program whereby students gain realistic learning experiences through work.
  2. A specific description of the respective responsibilities of the college, the student, the employer, and other cooperating agencies.
  3. Guidance services.
  4. A sufficient number of qualified academic personnel to direct the program.
  5. Processes that assure students' on-the-job learning experiences are documented with written measureable learning objectives, students are required to meet certain criteria and are evaluated, and the basis for awarding grades and credit is described.
  6. Adequate clerical and instructional services are provided.

The WEX Program Division office maintains records that include the type and units of work experience in which the student is enrolled, where employed, job held, basis for determining student qualifications, statement of student hours worked, evaluation of performance, and that a work permit was issued. The Academic Dean assigned to supervise the WEX program ensures that faculty assigned to the WEX program maintain records that show consultation with employer and the student, evaluation of the student's achievement, and the final grade.

Adopted: July 2012