AP 4104 Contract Education - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • Reference: Title 5 Section 55170

Public or private agencies, businesses, industries, and/or other groups may contract with the District to have instructional courses or services offered to them by the District. Contract Education courses can be for credit or not for credit. All contracted activities are self supporting and will not use general funds.

The development, review, approval, and evaluation processes and criteria for for-credit contract education classes follows the same approval processes as all for-credit courses offered at Ohlone College. For credit courses offered through contract education are not submitted for apportionment from the state, are typically held at the site of the contracting agency, and are normally closed to the general public. The contracting agency pays the full costs of delivering the instruction of a specified course, and associated administrative fees.

The following criteria guide the development and feasibility of offering contract education courses.

  1. The contract is consistent with the mission and goals of the District, and is in direct response to the contracting agencies needs.
  2. For for-credit courses, the Academic Deans agree to assign the instructor, provide oversight of the courses within their departments, and work closely with the Economic and Workforce Development team to coordinate scheduling and monitor the course.
  3. Not for credit courses are customized to the needs of the contracting agency and when feasibly will be designed in collaboration with related department faculty.
  4. All costs associated with delivering the contract including administrative costs, instructional supplies and materials, equipment, indirect costs, etc., will be recovered from the funds generated by the contract.

The Economic and Workforce Development team creates the contract which includes a contract scope of work, date and time logistics, scope of work for the instructor, and the contract fee for all costs associated with the contract. The contract is signed by the Vice President of Academic Affairs and is submitted for ratification by the District Board of Trustees.

Faculty Senate Approved: November 7, 2012
Adopted: October 2013