AP 4222 Basic Skills (Remedial) Course Work - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • Reference: Title 5 Section 55035

Basic Skills course work consists of pre-collegiate level courses.

A student's need for Basic Skills course work is determined using appropriate assessment instruments, methods, or procedures, which are approved by the California Community College Chancellor's Office.

No student shall receive more than 30 semester units [or 45 quarter units] for remedial coursework. A student who exhausts this unit limitation shall be referred to appropriate adult noncredit education services.

A student who successfully completes Basic Skills courses may proceed with college level course work according to the prerequisites listed in the college catalog.

Students enrolled in one or more courses of English as a Second Language and students identified as having a learning disability are exempt from the limitations of this procedure.

Students who demonstrate significant, measurable progress toward development of skills appropriate to enrollment in college-level courses may be granted a waiver of the limitations of this procedure.

The District catalog includes a clear statement of the limited applicability of Basic Skills coursework toward fulfilling degree requirements.

Adopted: January 2013