AP 4231 Grade Changes - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • Reference: Education Code Section 76370
  1. In any course offered at Ohlone College, the instructor of the course shall determine the grade earned by each student in accordance with grading symbols authorized for use by the Education Code of California and adopted by the Board of Trustees of Ohlone College. The determination of the student's grade by the instructor shall be final in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence. Procedures for the correction of grades given in error shall include expunging the incorrect grade from record.
  2. A change in the student's letter grade to "CR" or "NC" will be made in the Admissions and Records Office if the student elected to take the class under the "CREDIT/NO CREDIT" policy.
  3. A change in the student's grade(s) may be made in accordance with the College policy on Course Repetition.
  4. Appeals Process
    1. When instructor is available:
      1. Speak with the faculty member first. However, if the student is uncomfortable speaking with the faculty member, then the student should meet with the Dean. If the Dean decides not to recommend the student speak directly to the faculty member, the Dean holds a meeting with the faculty member and the student
      2. If the student charges fraud, bad faith, or incompetence, a Grade Change Request Form must be completed and submitted to the Dean. The Dean will review the matter, consulting all involved and render a finding.
        • 2.a. If the Dean finds there is a basis for a grade change, the Dean will bring the matter to the Vice President of Academic Affairs for action.
        • 2.b. If the Dean finds there is no basis for a grade change, the student may appeal to a sub-group of the Academic Appeals Committee made up of its faculty members.
      3. If the student disagrees with the Dean's finding, the student may request that the case be considered by the faculty members of the Academic Appeals Committee. That group will consider the case and render a decision.
      4. If the student disagrees with the decision of the Academic Appeals Committee the student may appeal to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, who will consider all relevant information and render a decision which is final.
    2. When the instructor is unavailable (all reasonable attempts have been made to contact the instructor, or the instructor is deceased):
      1. If the instructor is unavailable, the Dean will assemble a committee of a minimum of three other faculty members, preferably in the same department as the instructor who issued the original grade, to evaluate the formal evidence the student has presented.
      2. After the committee has reported to the Dean, the Dean will meet with the student to discuss the findings of the committee. Steps 2 - 3 in Section D.1 above would then apply.
    3. In all cases, if it is determined that a student's grade or enrollment status should be changed, the action will require that the faculty member(s) involved be notified.

Specific procedures for carrying out this policy will be developed through the Registrar's Office and discussed with the Grade Change Committee and brought to the Faculty Senate before any final action is taken.

Faculty Senate Approved: May 2006
Adopted: May 2006
Amended: October 2006