AP 5011 Admissions and Concurrent Enrollment of High School and Other Young Students - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 5 Student Services

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 48800, 48800.5, 76001, 76002

Ohlone College may admit special part-time students who are able to benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work, as determined by the district governing board of the school district in which the student is enrolled. Such students may be enrolled in up to 7 units per full term on a space available basis.

Admission and registration of high school and younger students may be withdrawn or closed based on seat availability and is also limited to specific courses listed in the schedule of classes and in the application packet. High school and other young students do not receive priority registration. To be considered for admission the student must apply each term, meet the standards established in Education Code 76001 and supply a completed application packet which includes:

  • Completed application
  • Signed parent/guardian consent,
  • Signed statement from his/her principal that the student is capable of benefiting from college level instruction.

In situations where the student is not enrolled in public or private institutions, the parent or guardian may supply this statement.

Students will not be admitted unless they have availed themselves of all opportunities to enroll in equivalent courses at their schools of attendance.

The Vice President, Student Services, or designee, will review the submitted materials and make a determination to admit any high school student. The decision of the Vice President, Student Services shall be final.

Students admitted under the provisions of this regulation are expected to follow the regulations and procedures established for all college students. The Ohlone Community College District is not responsible for the supervision of minor students outside of the classroom setting. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children are appropriately supervised before class begins, after class finishes and if or when a class is cancelled and/or dismissed early. Parents or guardians will not have access to a student's records (including grades and transcripts) without the student's written consent, the student's minor status notwithstanding.

The student will receive credit for community college courses in the same manner as a regularly enrolled community college student. Granting of high school credit is determined solely by the high school district.

Apportionment Considerations

All K-12 students are coded in the Ohlone system as Special Admissions (SP) students. These students are further defined as falling into the K-9 or 10-12 level to control their registration access. All class offerings follow state guidelines to insure open enrollment including inclusion in the Ohlone College Catalog, and the published and electronic schedule of classes. For classes offered on a high school campus, the principal of the school must sign an agreement with Ohlone which agrees to the open enrollment of all students. In cases where a college course is offered on a high schools campus, the class will be open to all students. The class section must be advertised for at least 30 continuous days on the electronic schedule.

Denial of Admission

If a request for a special part-time of full time enrollment is denied, The Vice President, Student Services provides a recommendation regarding denial to the Board of Trustees at a regularly scheduled meeting that falls at least 30 days after the request for admission has been submitted. The Board will provide written findings and reasons for the denial within 60 days.

Please also see BP 5010, Admissions.

Adopted: November 2013