AP 5140 Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 5 Student Services

  • References: Title 5 Sections 56000 et seq. and 56027

The Disabled Student Program and Services (DSPS) office maintains a plan for the provision of the programs and services for students with disabilities and shall be the primary provider for support programs and services that facilitate equal access to College classes and programs for students with disabilities who can benefit from instruction, as required by Federal and State laws at all campus locations.

Long-range goals and short-term objectives for the Program (Title V, Section 56046)

The program plan shall be in the form prescribed by the California Community Colleges (CCC) Chancellor's Office and shall contain at least the following:

  1. The long-term goals of the DSPS program
  2. The short-term measureable goals of the DSPS program
  3. The activities to be undertaken to accomplish the goals and objectives
  4. A description of the methods used for program evaluation

Definitions of disabilities and eligibility for the program (Title V, Section 56032-56044 & 56006)

A "student with a disability" or a "disabled student" is a person enrolled at a community college who has a documented disability which also imposes an educational limitation, as defined in Section 56004. Definitions of disabilities are defined in Sections 56032-56004.

In order to be eligible for support services, documentation verifying the disability and educational limitations may be verified by one of the following means:

  1. Observation by DSPS professional staff with review by the DSPS Director
  2. Assessment by appropriate DSPS professional staff
  3. Review of documentation provided by appropriate agencies or certified or licensed professionals outside of DSPS

Support Services and instruction that is provided (Title V, Section 56026 & 56028)

Support services and electronic accessibility are those specialized services available to students with disabilities as defined in Section 56002, which are in addition to the regular services provided to all students. Such services enable students to participate in regular activities, programs, and classes offered by the college.

Special classes are instructional activities designed to address the educational limitations of students with disabilities who would be unable to substantially benefit from regular college classes even with appropriate support services or accommodations.

Student Rights and Responsibilities (Title V, Section 56008 & 56010)

Participation by students with disabilities in Disabled Student Programs and Services shall be entirely voluntary. Receiving support services or instruction authorized shall not preclude a student from also participating in any other course, program, activity offered by the college. All records maintained by DSPS personnel pertaining to students with disabilities shall be protected from disclosure and shall be subject to all other requirements for the handling of student records.

Students receiving support services or instruction shall:

  1. Comply with the student code of conduct adopted by the college and all other applicable statutes and regulations related to student conduct.
  2. Be responsible in their use of DSPS services and adhere to written service provision policies adopted by DSPS
  3. Make measureable progress toward the goals established in the Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP).
  4. For reasonable accommodations in the academic environment to be implemented, the student must request such accommodations in accordance with DSPS policies and guidelines.

A district may adopt a written policy providing for the suspensions or termination of DSPS services where a student fails to comply. Such policies shall provide for written notice to the student prior to the suspension or termination and shall afford the student an opportunity to appeal the decision. Each student shall be given a copy of this procedure upon first applying for services from DSPS.

Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) (Title V 56022)

The DSPS office shall generate an Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP) and maintain a record of the interactive process between each DSPS student and a DSPS certificated staff member regarding the academic adjustments, auxiliary aids, services and/or instruction necessary to provide the student equal access to the educational process, given the educational limitations resulting from the student's disabilities. In addition, when a student is enrolled in educational assistance classes, the AAP shall define measurable progress toward the goals of each class.

Academic Accommodations (Title V 56027)

The District shall establish a procedure for responding, in a timely manner, to an accommodation request involving academic adjustments. This procedure shall provide for an individualized review of each request. The procedure shall also permit the Section 504 Coordinator, or other designed official who has knowledge of academic accommodation requirements, to make an interim decision pending a final resolution.

Staffing (Title V 56048)

Title V 56048 identifies the minimum qualifications the District must utilize for DSPS counselors and instructors. It also identifies the additional minimum qualifications for the person selected as the Director of DSPS. The DSPS Director is the individual who has the day-to-day responsibility for the DSPS Program.

Advisory Committee (Title V 56050)

DSPS shall establish an Advisory Committee which shall meet not less than once per year. The Advisory Committee shall, at a minimum, include students with a disability, and representatives of the disability community and agencies or organizations serving persons with disabilities. The Advisory Committee should give guidance and direction to the DSPS Program and college related to needs of the community.

Adopted: June 2017