AP 6100 Delegation of Authority - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 6 Business and Fiscal Affairs

  • References: Education Code Sections 70902(d), 81644, 81656; Public Contract Code 20651, 20658, 20659

The Vice President of Administrative Services is delegated authority from the President/Superintendent to supervise budget preparation and management; oversee fiscal management of the District; and contract for, purchase, sell, lease real and personal property, in accordance with Board policy and law. Responsibility for the development of internal policies and procedures consistent with the provision of this procedure remains with the Vice President of Administrative Services. This delegated authority is subject to the condition that certain of these transactions be submitted to the President/Superintendent for review and approval from time to time as determined by the President/Superintendent.

When transactions do not exceed the dollar limits established in the Public Contracts Code, the Education Code or other laws pertaining to the taking of competitive bids, the Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services may contract for goods, services, equipment and rental of facilities so long as the transactions comply with law and any limitations or requirements set forth therein. Furthermore, the Director of Purchasing, Contracts and Auxiliary Services may amend the terms and conditions of any contractual arrangement so long as the total expenditure of funds and period of contract do not exceed the limitations set forth in applicable law or regulation.

See Board Policy #6100.

Adopted: May 2013