AP 6200 Budget Preparation - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 6 Business and Fiscal Affairs

  • References: Accreditation Standard IID; Education Code Section 70902(b)(5); California Code of Regulations, Title 5 Sections 58300 et seq.

Each year the annual budget will be developed in a collaborative environment, support the goals and guidelines established by the Board of Trustees, and be directly or indirectly linked to departmental planning documents, such as the Program Improvement Objectives (PIOs).

The budget development calendar is as follows:

  • By April 30 the Business Office will provide budget development documents to budget managers for development of the subsequent year's budget;
  • By May 31 budget managers will return budget development documents to the Business Office;
  • No later than July 1 the tentative budget will be presented to the Board;
  • No later than September 15 the final budget will be approved by the Board;
  • No later than September 15, a public hearing will be held to allow for public comment on the proposed annual budget;
  • By September 30 copies of the adopted budget will be submitted to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

Every effort will be made to adhere to the budget development calendar; however, if for some unforeseen circumstance(s), the deadline dates for the final budget approval process cannot be met, a request for an extension shall be made to the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office.

The Superintendent/President or designee shall prepare a quarterly report on forms provided by the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office and submit a copy to the appropriate county offices and the Chancellor no later than forty-five days following the completion of each quarter. These quarterly reports (311Q reports) shall be placed on the agenda of regularly scheduled meetings of the Board to be reviewed and approved.

See Board Policy #6200.

Adopted: May 2013