AP 6325 Payroll - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 6 Business and Fiscal Affairs

  • References: Education Code Section 70902 and 87040


Classified employees who work less than 12 months per year may elect to be paid in twelve equal payments. Full Time Faculty also have this option.

Payday for permanent employees is the last working day of the month.

All temporary employees, overtime pay for all permanent classified employees, and overload for faculty members are paid on the 10th day of the month or the last business day before the 10th of the month, for services rendered through at least the first working day of the month.

Employment and pay records must contain information which is accurate. Whenever an employee changes name, address, telephone number, beneficiary for retirement benefits, marital status, or any other item affecting employment or pay records, the individual shall immediately submit these changes in writing to the Human Resources Office.

Changes to an employee's budget number, position, or pay (shift differential) are accomplished through a Personnel Action Form (PAF). New employees are added by completing a new PAF. Employees are deleted from payroll by use of a PAF. In order to ensure payroll is accurate and timely, all PAF's must be submitted to the Human Resources Office by the close of business twenty-one days before payday. The Human Resources Office must forward all PAF's to District Payroll Office by the close of business fourteen days before payday. These dates are also posted on the District's network folder.

PAF's that establish new positions or adjust existing employee compensation must be approved by the Vice President of Administrative Services and/or Director of Business Services prior to being submitted to payroll.

Accounting for Time Worked

A monthly time report showing the presence or absence of all non-exempt classified employees is submitted to the District Payroll Office. Classified employees must accurately report their time worked on time record forms provided by the District.

The supervisor is responsible for checking the accuracy of all time reports, for authorizing any overtime which an employee works, and for filing the forms with the District Payroll Office.


All permanent employees will report absences from work on the absence forms provided by the District. Absence reports must be filed by the supervisor within three days of the absence.

Payroll Deductions

The District Payroll Office will make appropriate deductions from employees' monthly pay for approved insurance plans, income taxes, retirement, credit union, garnishments, approved charitable organizations, association and union dues, tax-sheltered annuities, and deferred compensation in accordance with Education Code Section 87040.

The employee must authorize in writing all optional deductions made from the individual's salary.

Warrant Distribution

As a rule employees may elect to have his/her warrant sent to the bank via electronic money transfer. After making arrangements with a bank to deposit money to the employee's account, the employee will need to send to the District Payroll Office a completed authorization form and a voided blank check for a checking account or a deposit slip for a savings account.

A regular employee may elect to have his/her warrant sent to the Administration Offices at the District location where he/she works. The employee may pick up the warrant on the warrant date or on the first banking day thereafter.

Errors in Payment

Employees who discover an error in their payment must notify their Supervisor.

Underpayment errors will be corrected as soon as practical no later than the next pay cycle.

Overpayment errors for members of the classified bargaining unit will be handled according to the collective bargaining agreement.

For management, confidential and academic employees, the District and the employee will reach agreement as to the repayment period, normally the District will recover the overpayment in the same increments as the overpayment, the total repayment occurs by the end of the fiscal year unless there is mutual agreement between the District and the affected employee to extend beyond the fiscal year.
Education Code Section 70902

See Board Policy #6325.

Adopted: May 2013