AP 6330 Purchasing - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 6 Business and Fiscal Affairs

  • References: Education Code 81656; Public Contract Code 20650-20654

The President/Superintendent or designee is authorized to procure materials and services necessary to carry out the programs and operations of the District. Such authorization includes the following guidelines:

  • Best business practices to maximize the value of each dollar spent shall be adopted.
  • All applicable provisions of state and federal laws shall be adhered to.
  • Pursuant to the Public Contract Code and the Education Code, competitive bidding for purchases over prescribed amounts shall be adhered to, unless in an emergency situation, as defined in Public Contract Code 20654, exists.
  • Equal opportunity shall be provided for all bidders or vendors who qualify for District business.
  • Transactions shall be neutral and without conflict of interest.
  • Employees of the District shall not accept gratuities in dealing with vendors.
  • Local vendors shall be patronized where there is no measurable difference in service, quality, or cost.
  • When consistent with other policies, the District shall participate in cooperative purchasing with other governmental agencies and, when advantageous, shall acquire material from the State Educational Agency for Surplus Property.
  • Unauthorized purchases made without processing through required channels may be deemed personal purchases by the individual and are not the responsibility of the District.

Specific purchasing processes are outlined in the Ohlone College web site under "Doing Business with the Ohlone Community College District" in the Purchasing, Contracts, and Auxiliary Services Department section. The Director of Purchasing, Contracts, and Auxiliary Services is delegated with the responsibility and authority for maintenance of this section of the Ohlone College web site. Purchasing procedures of the District shall be published and distributed to the staff.

See Board Policy #6330.

Adopted: May 2013