AP 6360 Contracts – Electronic Systems and Materials - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 6 Business and Fiscal Affairs

  • References: Education Code Sections 81641 et seq., and 81651; Public Contract Code Sections 20651 et seq.

The District may contract with any vendor who has submitted one of the three lowest responsible competitive proposals or competitive bids for the purchase or maintenance of electronic data-processing systems and equipment, electronic telecommunication equipment, supporting software, and related material, goods and services.

Except as otherwise stated here, bids shall be solicited and contracts shall be awarded in accordance with AP 6340 titled Bids and Contracts.

Criteria to determine what constitutes a responsive and responsible bid shall be established by the Vice President of Administrative Services or designee.

Supplemental instructional software packages may be purchased without taking estimates or advertising for bids.

Sale and leaseback of data-processing equipment or another major item of equipment is permissible if the purchaser agrees to lease the item back to the district for use by the district following the sale. The Governing Board shall first adopt a resolution finding that the sale or leaseback is the most economical means for providing electronic data-processing equipment or other major items of equipment to the District.

See Board Policy #6360.

Adopted: May 2013