AP 7335 Health Examinations - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 7 Human Resources

  • References: Education Code 88021

Certain jobs in departments within the District may require a prospective employee to submit to a pre-employment physical examination (that can include x-rays) after a conditional offer of employment, but prior to assuming the duties of the position. Those departments are, but are not limited to: Campus Police Services, Safety and Security and Grounds and Custodial.

Upon receipt of a conditional offer of employment, the prospective employee will be given an order for a physical examination to be performed at a clinic location of the District's choosing and at the District's expense. The clinic will be given a copy of the job description for the prospective employee.

Once the examination is completed the results will be transmitted to the Human Resources office via fax, email, or U.S. Mail. Said results will indicate whether the prospective employee has a disability or condition that poses a direct threat to health or safety, based on the essential job functions.

If the prospective employee is cleared to perform the essential job functions, he/she will be notified and may begin work as soon as he/she has been cleared.

If the prospective employee is not cleared by the pre-employment physical examination to perform the essential job functions, the Human Resources Department will notify the prospective employee, by phone, of the results and inform the prospective employee that he/she does not qualify for the position based on the results. The applicant may get a second opinion, at his/her own expense, from his/her personal physician, which will be taken into consideration. If requested, the District will give the prospective employee a copy of the report showing the results of the pre-employment physical examination.

Adopted: April 2013