AP 7385 Salary Deductions - Administrative Procedures, Chapter 7 Human Resources

  • References: Education Code Sections 87040, 87833, 87834, and 88167; Government Code Sections 3540 et seq.

The district honors employees' request for any and all deductions as outlined in each respective collective bargaining agreement suffice that the employee completes applicable authorization documents in a timely manner. Common deductions include (but not limited to) any or all of the following:

  • participation in a deferred compensation program;
  • paying premiums on any policy or certificate of group life insurance or disability insurance or legal expense insurance, or any of them;
  • paying rates, dues, fees, or other periodic charges on any hospital service contract.

The request provided for above shall be revocable by the employee. The District shall [with or without charge] reduce the salary payment by the amount which the employee has authorized in writing for the purpose of paying his or her membership dues in any local, statewide or other professional organization. Revocation of such authorization shall be in writing and shall be effective beginning with the next pay period.

Adopted: May 2012