BP 2200 Board Duties and Responsibilities - Board Policies, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: ACCJC Accreditation Standard IV (formerly IV.B.1.d)
  • Board Approved: 04/13/05
  • Amended: 08/12/09 (previously titled BP 2420, Purpose and Role of the Board)

The Board of Trustees governs on behalf of the citizens of the Ohlone Community College District in accordance with the authority granted and duties defined in Education Code Section 70902.

The Board is committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to:

  1. Represent the public interest
  2. Establish policies that define the institutional mission and set prudent, ethical and legal standards for college operations
  3. Hire and evaluate the President/Superintendent
  4. Delegate power and authority to the chief executive to effectively lead the District
  5. Assure fiscal health and stability
  6. Monitor institutional performance and educational quality
  7. Advocate for and protect the District