BP 2432 President/Superintendent Succession - Board Policies, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 70902(d); 72400; Title 5 Section 53021(b)
  • Board Approved: 04/13/05
  • Amended: 08/12/09

The Board delegates authority to the President/Superintendent to appoint an acting President/Superintendent to serve in his or her absence for short periods of time, not to exceed 30 calendar days at a time.

In the absence of the President/Superintendent and when an acting President has not been named, administrative responsibility shall reside with (in order):

  • Vice President, Academic Affairs/Deputy Superintendent
  • Vice President, Administrative Services
  • Vice President, Student Development
  • Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Associate Vice President, Human Resources