BP 2510 Participation in Local Decision Making - Board Policies, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: Education Code Section 70902(b)(7); Title 5, Sections 53200 et seq., (Academic Senate), 51023.5 (staff), 51023.7 (students); ACCJC Accreditation Standards IV.A and IV.D.7
  • Board Approved: 04/13/05
  • Amended: 08/12/09, 06/10/15

The Board is the ultimate decision-maker in those areas assigned to it by state and federal laws and regulations. In executing that responsibility, the Board is committed to its obligation to ensure that appropriate members of the District participate in developing recommended policies for board action and administrative procedures for President/Superintendent action under which the District is governed and administered.

Each of the following shall participate as required by law in the decision-making processes of the district:

Delegation of Authority and Responsibility to the Faculty Senate (Title 5, Sections 53200-53206)

The Board or its designees will consult collegially with the Academic Senate, as duly constituted with respect to academic and professional matters, as defined by law. Procedures to implement this section are developed collegially with the Academic Senate. As defined in Title V, Section 53200(d), "consult collegially" means that the District Governing Board shall develop policies on academic and professional matters through either or both of the following methods, according to its own discretion:

  1. Relying primarily upon the advice and judgment of the Faculty Senate; or
  2. That the District Governing Board, or such representatives as it may designate, and the representatives of the Faculty Senate shall have the obligation to reach mutual agreement by written resolution, regulation, or policy of the Governing board effectuating such recommendations.

Method of Collegial Consultation in the Specific Areas Defined to be Academic and Professional Matters

  1. Curriculum, including establishing prerequisites and placing courses within disciplines…consult by relying primarily upon the advice and judgment of the Faculty Senate
  2. Degree and certificate requirements…consult by reaching mutual agreement
  3. Grading policies…consult by relying primarily upon the advice and judgment of the Faculty Senate
  4. Educational program development---consult by reaching mutual agreement
  5. Standards or policies regarding student preparation and success…consult by reaching mutual agreement
  6. District and college governance structures, as related to faculty roles…consult by reaching mutual agreement
  7. Faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, including self-study and annual reports…consult by reaching mutual agreement
  8. Policies for faculty professional development activities…consult by reaching mutual agreement
  9. Processes for program review…consult by reaching mutual agreement
  10. Processes for institutional planning and budget developmentconsult by reaching mutual agreement

Staff (Title 5, Section 51023.5)

Staff shall be provided with opportunities to participate in the formulation and development of district policies and procedures that have a significant effect on staff. The opinions and recommendations of CSEA and SEIU will be given every reasonable consideration.

Students (Title 5, Section 51023.7)

The Associated Students shall be given an opportunity to participate effectively in the formulation and development of district policies and procedures that have a significant effect on students, as defined by law. The recommendations and positions of the Associated Students will be given every reasonable consideration. The selection of student representatives to serve on district committees or task forces shall be made after consultation with the Associated Students.

Except for unforeseeable emergency situations, the Board shall not take any action on matters subject to this policy until the appropriate constituent group or groups have been provided the opportunity to participate.

Nothing in this policy will be construed to interfere with the formation or administration of employee organizations or with the exercise of rights guaranteed under the Educational Employment Relations Act, Government Code Sections 3540, et seq.

See Administrative Procedure #2510.