BP 2725 Board Member Compensation - Board Policies, Chapter 2 Board of Trustees

  • Reference: Education Code Section 72024
  • Board Approved: 04/13/05
  • Amended: 02/22/06, 03/14/07, 11/12/08, 04/08/09, 01/15/14. 03/12/14

Members of the Board, including the student member, who attend all board meetings shall receive $306.31 per month. A member of the Board who does not attend all meetings held by the Board in any month shall receive, as compensation, an amount not greater than the pro rata share of the number of meetings actually attended.

A member of the Board may be paid for a meeting when absent if the Board, by resolution, adopted and included in the minutes finds that at the time of the meeting the member is performing services outside the meeting for the community college district, is ill, on jury duty, or the absence is due to a hardship deemed acceptable by the Board. The compensation shall be a charge against the funds of the District.

The Board may, on an annual basis, increase the compensation of board members by five percent. However, any increase is subject to rejection in a referendum by a majority of the voters in the District.