BP 4500 College Instructional News Media - Board Policies, Chapter 4 Academic Affairs

  • Board Approved: 5/23/07

Ohlone College instructional news media are any news, feature, or entertainment publications or productions issued under the name of and funded by Ohlone College, and produced by students, faculty, or broadcast directors in connection with an instructional program. Ohlone College instructional news media are governed by the legal requirements of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and of Title V (the education code) of the California Code. Determinations about specific content are primarily based on instructional needs as assessed by directors and faculty. Secondary considerations for media content or programming involve input from students enrolled in classes connected with The Monitor, KOHL, or Ohlone TV, audience acquisition and retention, Ohlone College publicity and events, and local public affairs. Broadcasting faculty and directors may determine that certain entertainment programming best fits not only the needs of broadcasting students, but also serves an important target market. Standards of academic freedom apply (BP4030).

Ohlone College instructional news media serve the entire college community by presenting programming or news publications with selected coverage that includes but is not limited to college events and activities; by providing a forum for comment and criticism, and encouraging free expression. The editorial and advertising materials published in each college medium, including any opinions expressed, are the responsibility of the student staff or of the general public who may comment as part of a public affairs program or letter to the editor; or of those whose opinions may be voiced in a board meeting or other college gathering and subsequently broadcast or published; not the faculty, staff, or administration of Ohlone College; nor of its Board of Trustees as a whole. Under appropriate state and federal court decisions, these materials are free from prior restraint by virtue of the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.

The president/superintendent shall develop procedures for college instructional news media to follow that protect academic freedom, encourage free expression as guaranteed in the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States, and that generally describe the role and scope of college instructional news media and grievance procedures to respond to complaints that may be received regarding news media content.