BP 5030 Fees - Board Policies, Chapter 5 Student Services

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 76300, et seq.
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Board Revised: 5/23/07, 8/8/07, 8/11/10

The Board authorizes the following fees. The President/Superintendent shall establish procedures for the collection, deposit, waiver, refund, and accounting for fees as required by law. The procedures shall also assure those who are exempt from or for whom the fee is waived are properly enrolled and accounted for. Fee amounts shall be published in the college catalogs.

Enrollment fee: Education Code Section 76300

Each student shall be charged a fee for enrolling in credit courses as required by law.

Auditing fees: Education Code 76370

Persons auditing a course shall be charged a fee of $15 per unit per semester. Students enrolled in classes to receive credit for 10 or more semester credit units shall not be charged this fee to audit three or fewer units per semester.

Health fee: Education Code Section 76355

The President/Superintendent shall present to the Board for approval a fee to be charged to each student for student health services.

Parking fee: Education Code 76360

The President/Superintendent shall present for Board approval fees for parking for students.

Instructional materials: Education Code Section 76365; Title 5, Sections 59400, et seq.

Students may be required to provide required instructional and other materials for a credit or non-credit course, provided such materials are of continuing value to the student outside the classroom and provided that such materials are not solely or exclusively available from the District.

Physical education facilities: Education Code 76395

Where the District incurs additional expenses because a physical education course is required to use non-district facilities, students enrolled in the course shall be charged a fee for participating in the course. Such fee shall not exceed the student's calculated share of the additional expenses incurred by the District.

Transcript Fees: Education Code 76223

The District shall charge a reasonable amount for furnishing copies of any student record to a student or former student. The President/Superintendent is authorized to establish the fee, which shall not to exceed the actual cost of furnishing copies of any student record. No charge shall be made for furnishing up to two transcripts of students' records, or for two verifications of various records. There shall be no charge for searching for or retrieving any student record.

International Students Application Processing Fee: Education Code Section 76142

The District shall charge students who are both citizens and residents of a foreign country a fee to process his or her application for admission. This processing fee and regulations for determining economic hardship may be established by the President/Superintendent. The fee shall not exceed the lesser of 1) the actual cost of processing an application and other documentation required by the U.S. government; or 2) one hundred dollars ($100), which shall be deducted from the tuition fee at the time of enrollment.

Online Registration Access Fee: Education Code Section 70902(a)

The District shall charge a per term fee for all students who use WebAdvisor to register, add, or drop courses.

See Administrative Procedure #5030.