BP 5400 Associated Students Organization - Board Policies, Chapter 5 Student Services

  • Reference: Education Code Section 76060
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Reviewed and Reapproved: 12/8/10

The students of the District are authorized to organize a student body association.The Board hereby recognizes thatassociation as the Associated Students of Ohlone College.

The Associated Students organization is recognized as the official voice for the students in District decision-making processes. It may conduct other activities as approved by the President/Superintendent. The Associated Students activities shall not conflict with the authority or responsibility of the Board or its officers or employees.

The Associated Students shall conduct itself in accordance with state laws and regulations and administrative procedures established by the President/Superintendent.

The Association Students shall be granted the use of District premises subject to such administrative procedures as may be established by the President/Superintendent. Such use shall not be construed as transferring ownership or control of the premises.

See Administrative Procedure #5400.