BP 5420 Associated Students Finance - Board Policies, Chapter 5 Student Services

  • Reference: Education Code Sections 76063-76065
  • Board Approved: 11/09/05
  • Reviewed and Reapproved: 12/8/10

Associated Student funds shall be deposited with and disbursed by the President/Superintendent.

The funds shall be deposited, loaned or invested in one or more of the ways authorized by law.

All funds shall be expended according to procedures established by the Associated Students, subject to the approval of each of the following three persons, which shall be obtained each time before any funds may be expended:

  • The President/Superintendentor designee;
  • The employee who is the designated adviser of the particular student body organization; and
  • A representative of the student body organization.

The funds of the Associated Students shall be subject to an annual audit.